Welcome Plume

Welcoming 'Plume' to the family!

A delightful blend of Suri-Alpca / Silk this beautiful lace weight yarn is so beautiful to work with it's almost like knitting with butter. 

Alpaca is super warming and super gentle on the skin, and with the added shine and strength of silk 'Plume' is absolutely perfect to work with alone for something almost etherial or hold it double with any other yarn to give a halo, glow, and softness truly beautiful to behold.

To show just what plume can do, here is a hat that I've knit holding 1 strand of plume together with 1 strand of Deeply Wicked, the two strands held together make a beautifully warm fabric, and the pom-pom on top is just to die for it's so squishy! A side note, the clover pom-pom makers are an absolute GEM, I love how quick and easy and neat making a pom-pom now is with these in my life, thoroughly recommend them to anyone in need of hat-topping goodness!  

There is already a 2nd project on the needles using Plume & fidget, but there will be another post about that a little later, after 2 flash starts it's well underway and I'm excited to see it grow. 

For now, I'm off to wrap my head in my beautiful neon-pink hat and get all snuggly on this cold December afternoon. 

You can shop Plume here, and do get in touch if you've any colour requests you'd like to see it dyed up in next time it hits the dye-pots.

Happy Knitting Guys!

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