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Join me for a Drink? 

sweep the dog and various coffees

Since moving to Lanzarote last year, we've had to adapt to a new 'coffee culture' for us. Gone are the days of nipping to costa or Starbucks for our favourite Grande do-dah thingy (honestly I was really boring anyway only having a decaf vanilla latte). 

Here on Lanzarote there are many many different coffees you can have, of course there is 'normal' coffee, but if you're a coffee drinker, you have try them all, right?

So far on the list there have been some real delicious treats, my personal favourite, possibly not my dentists choice, is the Leche Leche, which is super sweet and creamy. 

Here are some of the yummies we've tried so far:

Café con leche – a standard coffee with frothy hot milk on top.

Café solo –  a small, strong shot, also called an espresso.

Café Americano – a normal black coffee.

Cortado – a small strong white coffee, usually served in a short glass. 

Cortado condensada – a shot of strong black coffee poured over a layer of condensed milk, served in a glass.

Leche Leche – as above but with the addition of milk to the coffee.

We've been having fun trying out these coffees, and so has Sweep as you can see, he loves to try the froth off the top of most beverages in fact, beer is one of his favouties. It's also been a great way to practice our Spanish. 

What would your favourite drink be? 

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