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pumpkin and merlot shawl design

Starting to design again

When you seem to spend all of your days working hard painting/ decorating/ renovating a property, you can loose not just your physical energy, but your mental energy too. At the end of most of my days working hard on the Finca restoration, I find it almost impossible to pick up my knitting and feel 'creative'. 

As each of the jobs at the finca near completion, I find a little break in my workload, between dyeing and DIYing - haha. I feel myself wanting to cast something on, something new, something I could design as I go and upon completion have a) a knit sample of the latest blend of Deeply Wicked, and b) a new design to share with you all. 

I introduce you to 'as yet unnamed', I'm sure my creativity will inspire a naming ceremony for this shawl. I have always loved the way triangular shawls grow, and I absolutely adore working with two colours in a design to watch them play together.

So I cast on for a triangular shawl, and started pottering away with it, thinking about what twists and turns I wanted it to take along the way. While I am only around 1/3 of the way through the yarn, but I really feel that the cool/breezy autumn nights that will soon be upon us here in Lanzarote, require a large soft shawl for wrapping around oneself. 


pumpkin and merlot shawl design

I'm using two skeins of Deeply Wicked semi-solid, in Pumpkin and Merlot, and they're really giving me 'fireside' vibes, with the garter and slip stitch patterns I've used really popping. I'm just now entering a brioche section of the shawl, and I feel like there will be a little colourwork and lace to come before it's finished, but watch this space. 

I'm truly enjoying the creative process again, and taking my time with this no-pressure, making it up as I go design is just the ticket to getting back on track with my knitting mojo. 

Stay tune for more progress on this as yet unnamed shawl, and if you love the colour combo as much as I do, check out the semi-solid Deeply Wicked range here today. 


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