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Hexi blanket using scraps

After a minor injury to my hand, nothing serious just a badly placed cut on my yarn carrying finger on my right hand. I put down my current sock project for a few days to let my finger heel, and picked up my crochet hook. I carry my yarn in my left hand for crochet so no chance of it interfering with my poorly finger. 

I decided I wanted to use up some of my left over yarns, I knit a pair of socks, usually a sample size, which means they only use up 60% of a skein of yarn, so inevitably I have dozens of half skeins or one third skeins in lots of different colours. I also have a bag of odd/  left over mini skeins... perfect for heels/toes on socks, little colour pops in other projects, or as I'm using them for now, centre wheels within my crochet hexagons. 

close up crochet

The design is nothing too fancy, if you crochet, you've probably made a hexagon or two at some point, I'm crocheting 120 hexi's ... using a join as you go method for building the blanket. I'm up to 20 so far and I'm quite excited to slowly shift the colours through all my leftover yarns. I've started with my greens and oranges and will move through to my blues, pinks and purples slowly.

The blanket will be a gift for a friend, their 4 month old baby will get a lot of use out of a brightly coloured blanket I'm sure. If you'd be at all interested to see a step by step demonstration/tutorial of my way of crocheting these cute little hexi's, drop a comment below. Of course I may well just make one anyway and share it to the socials. Check back soon to see more progress.


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  • Hi Jon,
    I’d love a pattern for the hexagons – just a very short one should work. It looks absolutely fabulous! I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you proceed with the colors.
    Take care!


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