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Varigated is back 

Deeply Wicked Varigated, your most favourite flamboyant yarn for all your fun, funky and fabulous projects has returned. We couldn't have a re-launch without some of our best selling yarns in all of EK history, could we?

DW Varigagted is super saturated and super colourful, with each skein packing an eye-watering punch of colour. A classic base you know and love, 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon, gives a softness and robustness that you can't live without.

We have dyed up 10 shades, a mix of classic and new colourways to tempt your tastebuds with, here are 6 of my favourites:


audrey two - yellow pink and green

Audrey Two She's back, original inspiration from the cult classic comedy horror 'Little Shop of Horrors' an so named after 'Audrey Two' the carnivorous beasty passing itself off as a plant to get by. Birght pops of pink, green and yellow, blend to give a bright and zingy twist to this yarn. Shop her here.

Hulk Smash - purple, pink and green yarnHulk Smash One of THE most popular colourways we ever ever dyed, and it's back, and could there even be a better time to re-launch Hulk Smash? With the brand new smash hit tv series 'She Hulk - Attorney at Law' hitting our screens right how? Grab it here.
Killer Queen - purple, blue, pink yarnKiller Queen Another classic is back, originally named after a Lady Gaga song that I got stuck in my head at the time, Killer Queen seemed to gain a following all of her own, being used by several knitwear and crochet designers over the years. Check this funky purple/pink/blue combo out here.


Timanfeya - Grey,gold,orange yarn

 Timanfeya Here is a new colourway for you, an inspiration from the island we now call home. Lanzarote is the home of the Timanfeya National park, a volcanic range, full of such out of this world scenery, I couldn't wait to be inspired by the raw power of a volcano. Check out Timanfeya here.

Summer Sunsets - red, orange, purple yarnSumer Sunsets Another new one for the shop, again inspired by the amazing sunsets that we are lucky enough to have most evenings here on the island as the sun sets over the mountains. Truly breathtaking shades of red, orange and violet. Check it out here.
Venom - blue, teal, purple yarnVenom Not every new colour will be inspired by the isalnd, I promise, if you know me you know I am a sci-fi super nerd, so why not introduce you to Venom? Inspired by the Marvel movies, a sicking selection of purples, teals and blues, grab a skein here today.
Shop the full range of exciting varigated colours here today.

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