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Add a little 'sew' to your life

So, I may have been diversifying my crafts a little bit. As some of you may know if you follow my other socials, I began sewing in 2020 during the first lockdown, and I fell pretty hard in love with the craft. Don't worry it will never take the place of my knitting, but it does hold a new special place in my heart.

When we first moved into the new house, one of the first rooms to get unpacked was the sewing room, with the dye-studio not ready yet, and the sewing machines needing clean/dust free environments, one of the soon to be guest rooms was designated 'sewing station' until the studio is ready for them. 

Being able to sew things to compliment my knitting, wether it's notion bags, project bags, even bags for going out that 'happen to' have enough space for a knitting project, I love making them all. Clothing too, but that's a whole other blog post. 

Since moving to Lanzarote in December last year, we've moved from the tourist area of Puerto Del Carmen to our new home town of Tias, a quieter 'local' town which has a much gentler pace. I've made friends while out walking with Sweep, I've even found a friend who sews too, and had great fun going on a shopping trip to all her favourite craft supply stores, where I of course stocked up on Fabric (no yarn was purchased, I think the island is still mostly 'acrylic' ... for the moment). 

So this week, I have added some bags, wallets, and pencil cases to the store, feel free to go check them out here, under the new 'Made by JDB' section of the site (Jon Dunn-Ballam... if you hadn't guessed). Mostly one of a kinds, so once they're gone they're gone, but one or two I had enough fabric to make several, which I did. 

I also had the pleasure of making a commissioned bag for a friend, pictures to follow on socials (I was so excited to deliver it I forgot to take any). She wanted a dog walking bag, big enough for all the essentials, and she was thrilled with the result.

Her daughter is expecting so I also whipped up funky baby-shower gifts for her soon to arrive little one. A few bibs, and a cute hooded towel, something else I think I will continue to offer in the future (perhaps in adult sizes, who doesn't love a cute hooded bath towel?). 

Knitting is my passion, but being able to 'whip up' something on the sewing machine in just a few hours has its appeals too. So watch this space for more knit friendly sewing projects. 

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