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Wednesdays Child

For those of you who have been wondering what the theme for Nerd Sock Club 1.2 was, I can now reveal that it was of course 'Wednesday' from the Addams Family. Wednesday recently got her own spin off show on Netflix, and we really quite enjoyed it. The show gave me inspiration for the first round of the club. 

I chose some purples and teals and greys for the main colour of the skein, and the mini skein was a deep merlot shade. I think the colours worked well together and captured the essence of the characters in the show.

skull motif

For the pattern I used a lace skull motif, and an optional slip stitch pattern that can be added in the mini skein colour (or any colour you have in your stash really).

The lace pattern is fairly easy to knit, worked over several rows, on both sides of the leg of the sock, while the slipped stitch patern snakes down the back of the leg until the heel turn, and then re-emerges on the top of the foot until the toe.

Both cuff and toe are also worked in the accent colour, finishing the sock off nicely. 

Why not knit yourself or a loved one these spooky socks today? The pattern has instructions for 3 sizes, and includes both written and charted directions. Check out the pattern here.

If you'd like to be 'in the club' with us, you can sign up for 1, 3 or 6 instalments of the nerd sock club here

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