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Cassa's Journey

March's theme for the Nerd Sock Club was  'Andor' the spin off prequel series based on Characters from Star Wars Rogue One. Being a true Star Wars fan and nerd, I have seen all the movies and all the subsequent spin off tv shows and I have yet to be disappointed by any of them.

Andor stuck me as the perfect theme for a club, there was a distinct mustard/olive/burgundy colour pallete throughout the costumes and sets for Cassian Andor's home world of Ferrix ... really wonderful pallete to be inspired by. 

The colourwork that encircles the top of the leg is a replica of the Rebel Alliance emblem that you will see throughout the Star Wars Universe, I drew it out and added some little stars to fill out the design. Giving the main skein a more solid colour allows the colour work to shine, and using a burgundy/wine colour inspired by Cassian's droid B2EMO for the colour work allows it to really stand out.

The pattern will be released this weekend ( Friday 31st March) and available for download in the store.

IF you would like to take part in the Nerd Sock Club you can join for 1, 6 or 12 Months here.

If you missed this months instalment and would like to catch one of our spare sets which comes with the pattern included, you can grab that here.

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