New Saturday Routine

saturday morning in Arrecife

Coffee, breakfast and a spot of shopping 

We're slowly exploring our new island home. We've taken to heading out early on a Saturday morning while it's still cool enough for Sweep, and trying a different place for breakfast each week in the main town of Arrecife. This weeks breakfast was especially delicious as we managed to order from start to finish in Spanish. We felt very proud.

Sweep loves our little rides out on a Saturday, he also likes shouting at all the local pooches as they walk by, he particularly didn't like a husky that had on a leather helmet with built in sunglasses (I'm not kidding), perhaps he was just jealous of the stylish look she had? 

Roy at the fruit market

Once we've breakfasted, we stroll to the local church square in town and visit the Saturday fresh fruit and veg market. There are also breads and cakes of course, and again we felt proud that we achieved out purchases in total Spanish, even a small joke with one of the vendors about our bill coming to €9.99 (she thought it was funny). 

From there we wonder the high street, pop into any stores we need to visit, most are dog friendly here which is fantastic as we don't like to leave Sweep at home. If it's still not too hot, we'll walk around the harbour, before we head back to the car.

It may sound like a rather mundane Saturday morning, but its most enjoyable when you're still exploring your new home. Stay tuned for more adventures as we explore Lanzarote. 


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