Pool Party Colours?

pastel yarns by the pool

New solid shades languishing poolside

When a white background just won't do. It's a strange experience trying to find places to take photos in your new home. We've been in the Finca since April, and every day I've been in and around the place with my tools and paintbrush, I've been thinking 'will this be the best sport to take photos of yarn/knits?'. I'm still trying to find the best spots, but I think these yarns look particularly delicious lounging next to the pool, don't you? 

The pool/patio/garden is a place we spend a lot of our time these days, as it was one of the first things we had renovated when we moved in. We've had all the tile replaced and even had the swimming pool re-lined, with matching tiles. It's a fabulous space and we're still learning how best to use it. We're hoping to get a relaxing area set up with plenty of comfy seating and shade, as well as an outdoor dining space, but all of these things take time. 

This morning I was sat having my coffee and I thought, I know which yarns need to come out of the studio for a photoshoot in this perfect light, next to the pool. So I popped down to the studio and brought up all of the neons and gelato/helado shades, and don't they just look fabulous? 

yarn by the pool with a dog butt

And of course Sweep insisted on helping, perhaps he just wanted to show you all his cute butt? Who can say?

The yarns are Deeply Wicked semi-solid, dyed in some delicious gelato/helado colours, and also some screaming neons, which actually really are begging to be made into a loose fitting 80's style top, I feel a project coming on. 

Check out the yarns here, including my favourites Pistachio Twist, I feel that needs to be in my life, the cool green/blue is just perfect, and Sour Candy, just looking at it makes my mouth water. The studio light photos just don't do these shades justice, which is why I brought them up and out to the pool patio. A chance to show off the wonderful colours, and also show you all where you could be knitting next year if you take us up on our relaxing knitting retreats, which I'll be sharing more news about next week.

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