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'Need to know' about Shipping

We're almost ready to open the doors to the easyknits website again, and of course we had to test out our new shipping system before hand, to give you the best deal and most realistic delivery estimations, before you begin ordering. 

Shipping Costs

Although in reality it is more expensive to ship orders from Lanzarote, being a small island, everything goes via airmail, therefore costs a little more, we have decided to match UK prices for the foreseeable future, passing on a saving that we're making on not having to rent a studio any longer to you guys.

That said, we can only offer 1st class prices, where as previously we offered a 2nd class service, there is no such thing here, so although you will pay first class UK price, we're soaking up the difference and saving you around £1.50 per parcel we send. 

Delivery Times

Over the past few weeks we have sent out several test parcels to friends and family across the UK. On average, parcels have been arriving within 7-10 working days, the quickest arrived in just 5 working days, and the slowest took 11 working days... so we're averaging that out and saying 'usually' parcels will arrive within 7-10 working days. Not bad for a tiny island postal service, huh?

Import Charges

A lot of you may be concerned about import charges, now that the UK is no longer part of the EU, believe me, we were too. We meticulously researched, asked around, and finally sent test parcels to some of our best customers. So far, there have been no charges at all. I cannot guarantee that you will not be subject to such charges, but at the moment, with the test parcels we have sent out I can say that not one of them has incurred a charge. 

We believe this is because Lanzarote is part of the Canary Islands, which as a group belong to Spain, but are classed as a 'third territory' and operate their own rules when it comes to import and export, so far anything we have delivered here incurs no import, and anything we send out incurs no import. 

This is something we will keep a close eye on as orders start to roll out and will keep you updated on the situation. 

Order Fulfilment 

correos post office

Easyknits has always been known for the speed at which we could get orders packed and shipped out to you back in the UK. Where not much has changed in regards to the packing of orders, with the Studio being around 10 paces from the house, I can pop down there anytime and pack your order for you, but the postal service here on the island operates at a slightly reduced schedule compared to the UK. 

Currently our local 'correos' (post office) is only open between the hours of 11-2pm Monday to Friday. Which means that any orders placed before 1pm will most likely be processed and shipped on the same day, but orders placed after 2pm will most likely be shipped the next day. Our local correos is super tiny and cute, with one desk and space for just one customer at a time, so on a busy day, it may not be possible to ship orders 'same day' as we always attempted to do so in the UK. 

Hopefully this information is useful, we've tried to be as transparent as we can regarding our new set up for processing and shipping orders, and I'm sure over time we'll be able to offer you the same quality of service we always strived for back in the UK.




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