Sock it to me

sock being knitted on sock blocker

New sock design on the needles

This weekend, we've had some weather ... and when I say weather I mean, non stop sideways rain. Living in Lanzarote, we do still get rain, usually for a few minutes here and there and usually October/March time. But this weekend we had severe weather warnings as the tail end of a hurricane was hitting our shores. 

Being a small predominantly sunshiny island, the buildings and roads are not cut out for the kind of downpour we got.  So what is a boy to do when it's raining so hard even the windows can't keep it out? Sit and knit of course! 

I picked up some yarn on Saturday afternoon, and cast on a new sock design, I can't actually think why I didn't do this sooner, I absolutely love knitting socks and they're relatively quick and satisfying to work up. 

sock in planter

I chose some bright and cheerful yarn, a colourway I love, Radioactive, available here. I knew with the bad weather outside I needed those pops of neons and greens to cheer my soul.

I started knitting away on Saturday afternoon, and by this morning (Monday) I've already turned the heel. There was a pause in the knitting yesterday afternoon, with an adventure to the local pub and several beers, meaning no stitches should be attempted afterward. I hope by tomorrow to have finished the first sock. 

The pattern isn't yet visible, I think a good blocking will be in order to make it show up, especially on such bright colours, but it's a simple purl stitch pattern working on either side of the leg, and on top of the foot (yet to be knitted) and you'll see a theme when the design is finished.

As the sun popped out this morning I rushed into the courtyard and snapped a few pictures in the sunshine of the sock on one of my blockers. I can't wait to finish this bright and cheerful design and get it launched into the pattern section of the store. 

Not that I'm hoping for more rainy days, but they do tend to make me knit more, what makes you knit more ? 

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