Stitch a Sausage

embroidered dog over a heart

Turning doodles into stitches

For those of you who follow me on the socials, you will have seen this little beauty last week. But I'm only now having time to sit down and tell you about it. 

For my 40th birthday in December, my parents kindly bought me a wonderful embroidery machine, something I've been looking into for years. As a crafter, and a graphic designer, I've always been intrigued by being able to turn my drawings/doodles into stitched out designs. 

embroidery machine  - brother innovis v3

The machine my parents bought me was a Brother Innovis V3, and it's a beauty, it can stitch anything you can imagine, up to 8 x 12 inches in size, which gives true potential for lots of things, including customised project bags, purses, totes and even t-shirts with sassy knitting slogans on, who's in?

After months of playing with the machine, and trying our various different softwares, I fell upon a program that would allow me to turn my doodles into stitchable embroidery files. Theres a whole lot of complicated stuff involved in the process, but after just a few hours tinkering about, watching online tutorials, I found I was able to create this cutie.

A little cartoon Dachshund leaping through the air with a colourful love heart in the background, stitched out onto some cute royal blue vinyl, I'm amazed at how accurate the machine can be, turning every line of my sketch into hundreds of tiny embroidered stitches, it's so mesmerising to watch.

Watch this space for more fun designs, I think this cutie might find his way onto the front of a phone case in the near future. 

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