Studio Renovations

Jon and Sweep outside the studio

EK HQ 2.0 

We finally moved into the Finca, yep it took us THAT long to get things in place and ready for us to live here. We've had a few hiccoughs along the way, a burst pipe here, a malfunctioning water heater there, a leaky swimming pool and garage you could paddle in, but we're in! 

And so work began on the house, we have slowly worked our way through every room, scraping the stone walls, sealing and filling where necessary and applying several coats of paint floor to ceiling, it's a big house, with high ceilings so each room is a big job. 

The garage which was to become EK HQ 2.0 needed a lot of work. It is a huge space, almost as big as my studio back in London, but it needed new doors, the old wooden ones were ill fitting and difficult to lock. Also the ceiling of the garage (which is underneath the garden patio) was leaking, so there was a lot of work to be done to make it watertight again, and inside it needed completely scraping, sanding, filling, priming and painting, so I got to work. 

Jon painting workspace

It was a messy job as you can see, taking almost an entire month just to scrape, fill, prime and paint, but it needed doing thoroughly to be able to keep a clean, tidy and bright space for me to work in.

freshly tiled workspace

We had a cheap second hand marble worktop installed on an existing stone worktop, the perfect size for me to work on.  We also had ventilation added, as it gets very warm down there under the patio, especially when the dye-vats are bubbling away. Also using spare tiles left over from the patio remodel I tiled a funky new backsplash to avoid dirtying the freshly painted walls.

Then it was on to adding shelving, where Ikea comes in super handy (yes we actually do have an Ikea on this tiny Spanish island). I picked out some lightweight metal shelving, open on all sides, perfect for me to be able to see all of my dyes and mixing equipment up there. 

The space is still incomplete, when leaving the London studio I had to make decisions on what was absolutely necessary to bring over, therefore several old desks were donated, gifted or sold on, along with worktops and storage units. 

Slowly I hope to replace the furniture and storage, along with adding in a sink, which we having plumbing for, but have not yet found the right sink to take up the space. But for now the essential work to be able to get back up and running has been completed, I don't mind working from foldable tables and plastic storage bins until I get around to finding the perfect storage for my new space. 

Check back in soon to see what yarns I cook up in the newly refurbished EK Studio.

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  • Great to see Easyknits back. 🥰 Great studio what a lovely space, looks like you moved into an Irish Bar looking at those walls.😉


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