Sublime Sunsets

seascape and sunset with palms

Winter Sunsets are here!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have had some of the most stunning sunsets imaginable here on the Island. They happen so quickly and the colours change so rapidly that if you're not quick enough to grab your camera, you'll miss it. 

On Tuesday of last week we were down near the old harbour or Puerto Del Carmen, a short drive from our home up in Tias, and we were chatting over a beer, when we noticed the most amazing orange/peach glow start to hit the ocean. We took it in turns taking pictures, and I'm sure you'll agree, without filters or editing, this is a very beautiful sunset indeed. 

The summer sunsets don't seem to reflect over the ocean quite as much as the lower winter ones, but WOW, we are still constantly surprised with all of the beautiful colours we get to see most evenings of the week. 

I feel inspired to dye up some more sunset shades in the studio soon, so keep a look out for more colours inspired by this beautiful island.

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