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super speckle skeins of yarn

Super Speckle is back in stock!

It's back, one of our favourite yarns, Super Speckle is making a return to the online store. Though the base may be familiar, the 75/25 merino/nylon fingering weight base has been ever popular in the store. Offering a generous 425m per skein, meaning 1 will give you a pair of socks, gloves, a hat, 1-2 will give you a scarf/shawl of a generous size and 3-4 could easily make a sweater. 

close up of nebula super speckle yarn

I love super speckle, it has always given me so much joy and freedom watching the colours play together. Each of the 6 new colourways added to the store contain no less than 6 individual colours, sometimes 7 or 8. Applied in what seems to be a random pattern (it's really not though) the colours play and dance and speckle and pop across the skein from start to finish. 

The crisp white base of the yarn allows each individual speckle of dye to create an impact on the skein, and where 2 or 3 or 4 or even more colours collide they dance together to create wonderful patterns throughout the skein. 

jon wearing a super speckle sweater

I have (as usual) half knit a sweater in Super Speckle, which I really must finish soon. It knits up so beautifully and really does make for a fun and interesting pattern to any garment. The weather here in Lanzarote can be surprisingly cool wen the sun occasionally goes into hiding, and especially in the evenings once it's set. So I will definitely dig out my half finished Super Speckle Sweater and get busy finishing off the sleeves so I can wear it this winter. 

Check out the 6 colourways of Super Speckle added to the store here today. 

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