We've relocated

We are in Lanzarote!

It's been a long time coming, in fact our decision to move to the Canary Islands was made back in February 2020. We weighed up the pros and cons of making a giant change in our lives, and the 'lets go for it' won by a wide margin.

Little did we know that just weeks after we made the decision to move the world would be thrown into total chaos with Covid, lockdowns and travel restrictions made sure our plans were immediately put on hold. 

Fast forward to November 2020, and we managed to get out to Lanzarote for a break, and sort out some of our initial paperwork for moving here, trust me there was a LOT, the Spanish take their paperwork very seriously indeed. 

By Christmas 2020 we had viewed hundreds of properties online, and even managed to view one or two on our trips over here, trying to find the perfect 'forever home'. It was a challenge indeed, we had a list of wants and needs, mostly requiring space for easyknits to become a 'home run' business once more to save on studio space rentals. 

We narrowed the search and viewed several contenders over the next few months, and kept on coming back to one property in particular. Eventually we realised our hearts were set on this beautiful traditional Spanish Finca with an open central courtyard in the middle of it.

Courtyard view

The old derelict farm house had been lovingly restored in the late 90's and although looking a little tired these days after being a holiday rental and then a home to a family for 8 years, it had the character and charm that we both fell in love with immediately. 

In August 2021 our offer was accepted and by September our home of 16 years in London was sold, although sad to leave and a little apprehensive we were very excited for the move to begin. 

We settled on dates in mid-December for completion of our sale, our purchase, shipping of our belongings AND transport of our beloved pets, Pickle our 16 year old tabby cat and Sweep our 9 year old miniature dachshund. Getting all of these things to coordinate was no mean feat in itself. But we managed it. 

I flew out here on December 14th 2021, almost 22 months after we'd made the decision to move, my husband Roy joined me on December 20th, and on December 23rd (my 40th birthday) we signed the papers and collected the keys to our new home in the Lanzarote Sunshine. 

Now begins the adventure of renovating the house and building easyknits new HQ in the garage, watch this space...


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  • Hello! I was using one of your bags yesterday and wondering why I hadn’t heard from you for ages. Your new home looks fantastic and, following B….. I think you have made a very wise choice to move. Be happy and successful guys! XX

    Sue Byrne

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